Steve Wozniak is a dividing figure amongst Apple fans, but there is no doubt that he loves the company that he co-created with Steve Jobs. For some, Woz keeps it real, but it is only real if you happen to agree with his opinions. What he does though is speak honestly about Cupertino, not everything is perfect and if he does not like something, he says it.

It helps that Wozniak is not involved with Apple aside from still holding shares with the company, but when he says he likes a product, he does, and when he doesn’t, it’s the truth. For example, while Woz has liked the general ethos behind the iPhone he has also been critical of the handset, saying he prefers to use Android smartphones because they have bigger screens and other software that iOS does not.

However, when accosted at an airport and asked why consumers may want to buy the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, Wozniak seemed to be enthusiastic about the device. He talked up the ease of Apple Pay and said that the bump in screen size had made him get rid of all of his Android devices. I have posted the video below for reference, but prepared to be annoyed by the “reporter”.

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