The Game of Thrones is a massive TV show that has become a geek favorites but has also found plenty of mainstream success. If you are looking to quench your GOT thirst in between episodes then a new game based on George R.R. Martin’s works is imminent on iOS. Talltale games has announced that its highly anticipated mobile game adaptation of the Game of Thrones will be landing on Thursday.

Telltale has a reputation for making excellent adaptations of famous titles, doing stellar work with such classics as the Walking Dead and Jurassic Park. The games are typically heavily story based and offer a new story to the canon, while admittedly gameplay is at a minimum and reserved to swipes and puzzles, the games are usually absorbing.

We expect the Game of Thrones release to be the same and it has already found its way to PC, and the PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, while the Xbox One and Xbox 360 got the title today. iOS is next on the list, once again getting a big launch gaming title before Android, with the Game of Thrones for Android just listed as “coming soon”.

Telltale has said that the Mac version is delayed, but did not offer a reason why. However, if you are rocking an iPhone or iPad (probably iOS 7 or higher) then you can grab the Game of Thrones tomorrow.

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