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Apple iPhone 6
The iPad Pro has been rumoured so much that we sometimes forget that it actually doesn’t’ exist and Apple has never made mention of it. However, the apparent leaks will not go away, and in a potential enterprise environment post Apple’s deal with IBM, 2015 could be the best year to launch the Pro. According to supply chain sources, November will be the month in which the tablet will make its debut. Read More »

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Luxury automaker Bentley has released a new promotional video shot and edited entirely with an iPhone and iPad Air. No, this isn’t the first time that something like this happened, but it’s a reminder of just how powerful is the camera in the iPhone 5s. Read More »

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People often buy Wi-Fi tablets and connect to the internet by turning their smartphones into mobile hotspots when a Wi-Fi network isn’t nearby. Apple iPad Air owners willing to do the opposite and use their iPad to act as a mobile hotspot will get a much better return when it comes to battery life.

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