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TECH-SUPPLIES/SAMSUNG-APPLEVerizon and T-Mobile have already done away with contracted smartphone subsidizes and many other carriers are expected to follow suit eventually. That’s not necessarily good news for flagship manufacturers as consumers may find them harder to purchase. Samsung is now apparently working on an upgrade lease system, just like Apple’s recent model. Read More »

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iPhone Home Button
Accusations of Apple no longer being an innovator are of course nonsense, the company ushered in 64-bit chips, fingerprint sensors, and so on over the last two years. However, a new patent could be the most innovative thing Apple has done in some time as the company has filed a patent with the USPTO for a new version of the company’s iconic Home Button. Read More »

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iPhone 6 render
If you have been keeping track of the iPhone 6 over the last month you will already know what the handset looks like. However, so far the production line demos and unfinished devices have not done the new iPhone justice, but perhaps these new render will. Certainly, if the iPhone 6 arrives looking like this then it will be arguably the most impressive looking smartphone on the market and not just the most popular. Read More »

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