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TECH-SUPPLIES/SAMSUNG-APPLEVerizon and T-Mobile have already done away with contracted smartphone subsidizes and many other carriers are expected to follow suit eventually. That’s not necessarily good news for flagship manufacturers as consumers may find them harder to purchase. Samsung is now apparently working on an upgrade lease system, just like Apple’s recent model. Read More »

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Apple and Samsung agree settlementApple’s courtroom battle with Samsung in the United States has been waged for years, but it is a battle Cupertino has largely won, although not necessarily in the ideal way. The latest victory for the company reveals that Samsung has been found guilty of infringing an Apple patent once again, this time for software stolen from the iPhone to be used in its Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Read More »

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Trade-in compiling company CompareMyMobile based in the UK revealed its new annual report (2014 edition) that shows trade in results from the country through last year. The survey shows which devices and companies get the most trade-ins, taking into account such factors as depreciation, and the most valuable smartphones. Read More »

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Apple and Samsung agree settlement
The idea of Apple catching up with Samsung in terms of how many smartphone it sells seemed almost impossible less than a year ago. Samsung was completely in control of the market and Apple was just happy in its own place in the market selling big numbers and making huge amounts of money. However, in the last quarter Apple managed to reel in its great rival and both companies sold 74.5 million units. Read More »

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Apple and Samsung agree settlement
Apple and Samsung have been fighting it out in a never ending battle over the last few years as the two biggest smartphone companies attack each other in the courtrooms. Read More »

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There have always been rumors that Apple will eventually stop using Samsung to build its processors and it is certainly an eventuality that can happen. Read More »

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Over the last few years Apple has successfully sued Samsung on a number of occasions, arguing that the Korean company infringed upon numerous patents and copied the iPhone. Not happy with the amount of damages, Apple is even seeking a sales ban for certain Samsung products in the United States. All that makes other aspects of the two companies’ relationship even more bizarre, because Apple and Samsung do actually work together. Read More »

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Apple vs. Samsung
Apple’s longstanding court battle with Samsung took a new twist this week as a US judge denied Apple’s request for a sales ban on Samsung devices in the country. Cupertino has been tackling the Korean giant for a few years over patent infringements and has won several times, proving that Samsung did indeed use Apple ideas on its products without permission. Read More »

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