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Numbers announced by Apple today show that adoption to iOS 9, including the newly launched iOS 9.1 is going swimmingly, with some 66 per cent of all compatible iPhone and iPads now running the software. iOS 9 is the latest full build release of Cupertino’s mobile platform, and it seems as though customers are eager to get it. Read More »

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plus-header-TNDid you miss Apple’s massive launch event yesterday, or perhaps you are a fan of the company and want to relive the show all over again? Either way, you can still see the big press event that saw a myriad new products launch in Cupertino as Apple once again reasserted it dominance over the smartphone and tablet markets. Read More »

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The most worrying aspect of Apple’s thriving business at the moment is the iPad, which has suffered sales declines for the last six quarters. However, the device is merely following an overall market trend that has saw sales of tablets decline on the whole for the same amount of time. Yes, Cupertino’s slate is declining rapidly, but then it has further to fall and is still comfortably the best-selling tablet on the market. Read More »

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Apple Q3 2014 earnings
Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones through the last quarter, a number that has shook the industry. The company also managed something almost unheard of, it sold more products, increased prices, and even managed higher profit margins. The result of an almost perfect period means Apple raked in an unprecedented amount of profit off soaring revenue. Read More »

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Apple’s commanding hold over the mobile industry continued and even strengthened over Christmas, and considering the blistering start to life enjoyed by the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it’s hardly a surprise. Several analyst firms have shown Apple’s products vastly outperformed rival companies through a myriad of statistical analysis, while the iPhone 6 Plus even put a dent into the Cupertino’s own iPad, with tablet sales plummeting across the board. Read More »

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Apple has plenty to be happy about right now. The company sold record amounts of iPhones during the last quarter, while sales of Macs are also on the rise (a rarity in the PC market). Things are only going to be better as well, because a new iPhone (maybe two) will land in just over a week’s time, surely spurring on sales and profit to new heights through the remainder of the year. There’s always a but though, and for Apple it is the iPad. Read More »

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The iPhone or iPad is an expensive piece of tech kit, but aside from that it is a gateway for you to spend as much money as you want on movies, books, TV, apps, games, and a whole lot more. Couple your iPhone or iPad with your kids and there is a recipe there for disaster and just a touch of financial ruin. You see, your children (and indeed mine) do not know that clicking purchase now on an app means that some actual real physical transaction has taken place and made you poorer. Read More »

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When companies wheel out their financial results it usually means heads in hands in utter sorrow at the losses made, or jumps for joy as you make profit. For Apple it is always a jump for joy and after another successful earnings call for Cupertino it is time to bask in some of the admittedly frightening numbers that the company can achieve. Read More »

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