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With all the recent talk about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6, iPhone phablet and rumoured iWatch wearable, the iPad trail has gone a little cold. It has been easy to forget in 2014 that Apple is the world’s leading tablet manufacturer and that all of its slate lines are due for a refresh this fall. Read More »

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iPad Air 2
Images said to be the new iPad Air 2 have found their way online as the countdown to a new version of Apple’s flagship tablet starts. Read More »

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Luxury automaker Bentley has released a new promotional video shot and edited entirely with an iPhone and iPad Air. No, this isn’t the first time that something like this happened, but it’s a reminder of just how powerful is the camera in the iPhone 5s. Read More »

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Apple tends to release new products on Fridays, but the smartphone and tablet vendor has chosen Saturday, December 7, as the day it will finally make the iPad Air and iPad Mini available to customers in India. Though some expected the devices to launch last Friday, it now appears the latest iOS tablets will go on sale this weekend at the following rumored prices:
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Apple’s Black Friday deals have switched from a direct drop in price to a future drop in price through gift cards. For one day only, Apple is giving holiday shoppers gift cards with the purchase of select products. Read More »

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I can’t think of a better way to break in a new device.  GT Racing 2 by Gameloft is one of the better racing games in the App Store, and it’s available now for free.  Unfortunately, Gameloft tries to force users to buy upgrades by placing timers between races and such.  The overall play of the game is great but I almost always dismiss a game when they try this strategy.  Hopefully, after some reviews Gameloft will change their strategy into a different direction that better represents an otherwise great game. Watch the video below to see the game n action on an iPad Air. Read More »

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The new iPad Air has blazing speed. If you have any doubts about whether the phone is as fast as it is light, watch the video below to view the scores. It proves to be twice as fast as the iPhone 5 and iPad 4 gen. These devices aren’t considered slow to say the least, so you can imagine just how fast Apple’s tablet has become. That’s just how much more advanced the Apple technology continues to grow and amaze many. Read More »

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The Apple iPad Air is a hot device; so hot that it reportedly sparked a fire so intense that an entire Vodaphone store had to be cleared because of the smoke. An in-store demo unit of the recently released iPad Air unexpectedly sparked a blaze that led to firefighters having to rush into the store in order to put the fire out. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but as you can see from the photo after the break, this iPad is toast. Read More »

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