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Reputed research company Kantar has revealed that Android users are jumping ship in Europe in huge numbers and are siding with iOS and the iPhone. The interesting thing is this exodus from Google’s operating system is happening during the summer, a time of year where Apple’s sales usually drop because consumers are awaiting a new iPhone to launch in September. Read More »

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iOS 7 90 adoption
Apple has revealed today that 90% of all users of its mobile devices have updated to iOS 7, adoption levels that put rival Android to shame. We hear so often how Android is catching Apple in terms of how many people adopt a new version, but the difference really is staggering and no matter what recent gains Android has made this is still an embarrassing subject for the platform. Read More »

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Google’s head of Android and Chrome Sundar Pichai has defended the platform in a lengthy interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. Pichai was speaking out against Apple CEO Tim Cook, who recently criticized the Android platform at Cupertino’s WWDC event by saying Android’s security is like a “toxic hell stew”. Cook also claimed that Apple was catching Android in the market, but Sundar Pichai sees things a different way. Read More »

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The Gmail app for iOS isn’t known for speed. The app previously only fetched new messages when someone opened the app or went straight to a new message from the notification window. Now, Gmail on an iOS 7 device will have true background refreshing by having the latest messages downloaded into the app and viewable the moment someone enters his or her inbox. Gmail users can download the app from the App Store to trigger the update, but they may need to take one extra step to ensure that it works. Read More »

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Google has brought its movies and television streaming app, appropriately named Google Play Movies & TV, to iOS. The iPhone and iPad app now makes it possible to watch streaming video from Google’s catalog, but there are a few caveats to those efforts. Read More »

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Google Play Music is a music streaming service that combines all of the popular music formats into one app. It has millions of songs from major record labels that you can listen to at any moment, creates Pandora-style personal radio stations based on an artist, and lets you upload 20,000 of your personal music collection to store in the cloud. And it’s available now for the iPhone.

Play Music has been an Android exclusive until now, but Google has released an app that lets iPhone users listen to any song in Google’s music library and supplement their own collection to fill in the gaps. The All Access feature, which provides the on-demand music listening of Google’s library and radio stations without ads or skip limits, requires a $9.99 monthly fee. If you just plan to upload your personal collection of 20,000 songs or less, you can still enjoy Google Play Music without paying.

Other features include:

  • Listen to unlimited songs
  • Create custom radio stations from any song, artist or album
  • Enjoy radio without skip limits
  • Get smart recommendations based on your tastes
  • Enjoy handcrafted playlists from our music experts
  • Downloading songs for offline listening

Google has made Play Music available in more than 20 countries. A list of the supported markets is available here.

Download Google Play Music

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Google Now has always been preferable to use on Android because of the ability to get notifications related to travel and appointment, something iOS users have previously been unable to access. An update to Google Search for iOS has enabled push notifications and a few other features. Read More »

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Google has worked in recent years to make its iPhone apps perform as well as its Android options, but Google+ is one area that lacked that feature parity. Today, Google confirmed plans to bring the best photo features from Android, including auto-backups at full resolution, to iOS. Read More »

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