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If you own a 16GB iOS device you should be prepared for many frustrating times ahead, times where you will be juggling apps to find space. That’s because Apple has just increased the allotted size for developers to work with. Since the App Store made its debut in 2008, apps have been limited to 2GB in size, but Cupertino has now doubled that, giving developers 4GB to play with.

The file size limit for downloads over cellular connection still sits at 100MB, which seems very low these days with many apps higher than that. Apple says the increase to 4GB for Wi-Fi downloads means developers can use “more media in your submission and provide a more complete, rich user experience upon installation”.

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Google Play is the king of app stores, that’s if you look at how many apps are downloaded at least. In terms of app downloads, App Annie’s research found that Google Play crushes the Apple App Store, which is not much of a surprise considering Android totally dominates the mobile market. However, Apple’s App Store is still really the king of app stores, because it does the thing all companies want… it makes money. Read More »

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Apple is having a dream start to the year, with the iPhone dominating the Holiday Season (and the months prior actually). On top of that, Cupertino has announced today its revenue and figures for the App Store over the first week of 2015. Read More »

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Both services are loaded with poor quality apps and probably only 30% (at most) of the products are worth looking at. However, while both are similar, there is little doubt that Apple’s App Store is the superior portal and service. Read More »

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MacRumors Music App Search

Apple is really cleaning house in the App Store as the company seems to have eradicated certain services from the store. This time Cupertino has targeted apps that offer downloads from third party music services. The cut was noticed by MacRumors and follows Apple’s earlier clamp down on apps that require social media for extra incentives. Read More »

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Apple Social Media app rules

Believe it or not, there are some people who do not like social media and are not interested in spreading their lives all over Facebook. Those same people do still like to play games on their device every now and then though. So, what do they do when some games offer incentives to sign in through Facebook, or to need Facebook to play outright? It is a problem Apple seems to be tackling with its new terms and conditions for iOS 8 that could see apps and games like that banned. Read More »

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Each week we bring Five Free iOS Games we feel are the best. This week we have five new games plus two bonuses.  Please take a brief moment to share this video with all your social media friends.  It’s important to share the content in order for our site to grow so many more can enjoy these post each week. This weeks downloads are available in the video description or below. Read More »

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Shapematic is a mobile application that can turn your mobile iOS device into a 3D scanner by transforming a few photos into a 3D masterpiece. Users can currently find Shapematic in the App store for only $0.99. Its very simple to use and not to mention fun at the same time.  Simply take a few photos of the object at different angles around the object and it will work its magic in producing a 3D reproduction right on your iPhone. Read More »

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