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Need More Battery Power???  We all have run short of battery power at some time during a long work day I’m sure. The iPhone hasn’t the best device for saving battery power in recen times; however, with a few good tips we can guarantee you will get the most from your battery.  Check out some of the specs below: Read More »

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The renewed Apple vs. Samsung court battle is a sad reminder of the drawn-out legal fight between the two companies, but it has been a welcome source of new information for outsiders from both companies. Documents released related to the trial reveal what was happening at Apple and Samsung in recent years, including one document that may explain why Apple might embrace the idea of phones with larger displays. Read More »

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As the year progresses, users don’t have to worry about the lack of rumors relating to the iPhone 6 or its features because they are definitely one of the most sought after devices among today’s smartphones. Whether we have a 4.7 inch iPhone 6 or 5.5 inch display seems to be the latest rumor mill discussions, and the mill keeps churning. Read More »

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The Apple iPhone 5c was supposed to be a phone that helped Apple fight off competition by introducing a slightly cheaper version of the phone, but sales of the device have so far been disappointing. Apple will reportedly try to reignite those efforts with a cheaper 8GB version of the iPhone 5C. Read More »

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Canada’s biggest sports network is finally making its way to smaller screens with the launch of TSN GO. The new app makes it possible to get on-demand access to full shows and live streaming of programming on TSN and TSN 2. A subscription to TSN is required to use the app, and only Bell TV and Rogers customers currently participate, but more companies are expected to sign on in “the coming weeks.”

Here’s a list of some of the types of broadcasts available in TSN GO: Read More »

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Apple will soon change its return policy to one that drastically cuts the amount of time someone has to return a device. and Apple Store purchases previously included a 30-day return window for no-questions-asked returns on iPhones still in pristine conditions, but the company has apparently changed its mind and shortened that return window to just 14 days. Read More »

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iOS 8 Maps mock-up

The main reason I don’t use Apple Maps on my iPhone is that it doesn’t support transit directions like Google Maps, something that I absolutely need because that’s how I get around New York most of the time. Based on new information from a reliable source, I may have to revisit that choice later this year. Read More »

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Each month we try to bring you the Top Free iOS 7 Apps of the month.  Be sure to watch the Top Five Free iOS 7 Apps for last month, February if you missed it.  We try to show applications which heklp increase usability of the iOS device overall or Games we feel are the elite. Feel free to leave a comment including your favorite iOS app below.  Please take a moment to share this content socially if you found it useful. Click the subscribe button if you want more content like this on a regular basis. Read More »

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