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Douglas Photo Calculator

Douglas Photo Calculator is one reference every photographer serious about taking better photos should have handy. The application can mean the difference between getting more work or not getting more work. What am I talking about?  If you take poor quality photographs as a photographer, clients aren’t going to hire you. However, through the use of Photo Calculator, photographers can go from amateur to professional by applying the techniques shown in this application. Read More »

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Cydia Tweaks RoundUp

Each week we try to share the top Free Cydia Tweaks released the past week. This week has been very fruitful bringing several nice free tweaks. Please understand these aren’t our top picks from all tweaks just what has been released during the week before. Some of the comments have suggested we are calling these our top free tweaks for 2014 and that’s not the case. This is just for the best of the most recent tweaks available for iOS. Read More »

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Are you tired of tangled cords and battery chargers? Sick of missing out on important notifications? The Cogito Pop SmartWatch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and helps use both. The Cogito Pop Watch alerts the user by beeping, light flashing inside the watch face, or vibration. These can be customized for each option individually, so an email might alert you differently than a text message. If you want  the watch to beep when you miss a call but only flash when you get a text, it’s possible to set up this way. Read More »

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Most users will notice their device becoming slower over time. Mobile devices are much like computers in this sense. They collect certain data to help speed up website load times and such. There are many different ways to improve your idevices speed. We are going to share five of our favorite ways to improve speed. These are tips we use personally on a regular basis. If you want more tips and tricks like this please thumbs up the video. If you find the tips helpful please take a brief moment to share this socially for us. Read More »

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Notification lights are common for letting users know that they have messages that need to be addressed, but those lights are often small and limited. A new Kickstarter campaign for Lunecase shows how an iPhone can be made to show more with a special case. Read More »

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In the second quarter of 2014, Apple had yet another record performance, selling more than 43.7 million iPhones. In the three months ending in March, Apple sold more smartphones than the year for mostly one reason – Read More »

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T-Mobile US kicked off a trend last year when the company completely did away with subsidies and let customers finance their smartphone purchases by paying more per month instead of the $199 up-front costs. Rival carriers didn’t completely follow suit, but they did introduce options for paying full price for a phone, and that could potentially be a problem for high-end smartphones like the iPhone, says the Wall Street Journal. Read More »

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You can send and receive text messages from anywhere inside iOS 7 when using Auki Cydia Tweak. Auki is a new jailbreak Cydia tweak developed by Surenix and Bengse available in BigBoss Repo for $3.99. The developers have done a fabulous job building this new tweak that features quick compose and reply inside the stock Messaging app. Read More »

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