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Razer Junglecat

Mobile has come a long way and is at a level that we were used to on consoles from the 6th generation, but with the smartphone and tablet boom came a fundamental problem. Almost all smartphones, especially the flagship game crushing ones, are touch screens and are not ideal for true game controls. Read More »

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iPhone Apple

Just where is Apple right now; on the road to further growth or the road to ruin? Your opinion may well depend on who you listen to, but the truth probably lies somewhere between those two extremes. Wall Street and the wider investor brigade are certainly worried by Apple’s lack of new products over the last few years and some even think the Cupertino bubble has burst. Read More »

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Apple announced iOS 8 yesterday, and the company listed a number cool new features that will go a long way towards improving life on iOS. However, the nature of the event meant that it couldn’t put out a long list of everything that has been added, tweaked, or improved. Thankfully, Apple released an iOS 8 developer preview that allows users to discover much of what’s new. Read More »

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iOS 8

So, as we expected, there were no major surprises at Apple’s WWDC keynote speech today. There were no new products and not even a hint of them. A low key developer conference is accepted for most companies, but not for Apple, with WWDC likely to have analysts predicting doom and gloom for the brand. However, this event is not about product, but software, so with iOS 8 now out in the wild, you may be wondering if it will be coming to your Apple device. Read More »

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2014 is a big year for Apple as the company in many ways has to reignite its relationship with the consumer space and once again place itself as the innovative force in tech. Of course, the iPhone is still the best selling smartphone and the iPad the best-selling tablet, but there has been a feeling that Apple has not done enough in recent years to truly change the industry. Read More »

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When Apple introduced iMessage in iOS 5, many iPhone users were rightfully excited about the process of a better way to send free messages without having to install a new app. However, some people have since discovered that leaving iOS for Android might cause iMessage to continue accepting messages and make it impossible to receive standard SMS (text messages) from other iPhones. Read More »

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In a shocking turn of Earth-shattering events that will shock everyone, the next round of iOS devices will include Touch ID. If you can’t tell, I’m joking about the “Earth-shattering” part because everyone all but knew that the next iPhone would have the fingerprint scanning feature. Now report states it’s highly likely that the next iPad will as well. Read More »

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We have shared several mockup videos and leaked photos of the upcoming iPhone 6.  The iPhone 6 is being compared to the iPhone 5S in the photos in the video here.  It’s quite obvious the iPhone 6 display is much larger than the iPhone 5S.  Just last week we shared two separate videos of leaked photos.  This seems to be one of the hottest topics at this time.  Although, we can see features such as button placements and size of the iPhone 6 physically. Read More »

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