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Technology is evolving at an amazing speed. This is evident in the gaming industry where games are exponentially evolving each year to cater for the gamers’ growing needs. The current technological trends of gaming show that the games are becoming exceedingly streamlined, participatory and immersive.

Immersive Gaming

Advancement in technology has led to enhanced hardware capabilities, with the virtual reality (VR) making a come back in the gaming industry. For instance, the upcoming Oculus Rift is a virtual reality head-mounted display that features a 107-degree massive field of view, immersive 3D stereoscopic rendering capacities and a quick response head-tracking system. Another example of immersive technology is Microsoft IllumiRoom, which literally increases the viewer’s experience by using the appearance and geometry of his living room as well as projecting games on furniture and walls.

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iPhone 6 and phablet

We have been flooded with iPhone 6 leaks over the last few weeks and the more the merrier we say. We are not the kind to turn down the chance to see the newest smartphone from Cupertino before launch, but something in all of these images has been conspicuous by its absence. We are of course talking about the reported iPhone phablet that has been rumoured to be launching alongside the 6. If so many leaks of the iPhone 6 have arrived from production runs and other sources, where is the phablet, is it just a myth? Read More »

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Apple iPhone 6

We have seen plenty of iPhone 6 leaks over the last few weeks, ranging from covers and cases and components for the upcoming smartphone. What we have not seen yet is a full bodied iPhone 6, at least not one that looks like it could be the real deal. That has changed today as an image has leaked online showing what seems to be an iPhone 6 in all of its glory, completed and as a whole. Read More »

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iPhone sales predictions

Taking Wall Street’s word on all things Apple would have iOS enthusiasts sitting in a dark room shaking slowly. According to analysts on the stock exchange, Apple is riding a very thin line and will collapse at any time because of a lack of new innovation. Without that killer product that defined the company in the 21st century Apple will lose its core appeal, that of a company that makes and defines trends and not follows them. Read More »

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The iPhone is a very different handset when compared to any other. When a flagship is nearing launch, for three or four months before the expectation ramps up and reports and leaks start flooding in regarding that device. However, while it is fitting to say “let the games begin” with another smartphone, for the iPhone the games never stop; speculation surrounding the next iPhone starts as soon as the newest on is launched. Read More »

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While many iPhone and iPad users were excited by much of what Apple introduced at last week’s Worldwide Developer Conference, others still wondered why Apple didn’t address what’s arguably its greatest weakness – Maps. The problem may be because poor management and infighting caused delays that prevented Apple from finishing iOS 8 in time for WWDC. Read More »

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Apple’s Safari browser has picked up a new trick in the latest version of iOS 8 that can save users from having to manually key in their credit card information. When making a payment online, say for Amazon or NewEgg, the browser can take a picture of the credit card and then automatically enter the numbers into the corresponding fields. Read More »

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iPhone Home Button

Apple’s WWDC 2014 was pretty uneventful considering it is comfortably the most watched and scrutinized developer conference in the world. There has been little backlash against Cupertino, something that regular WWDC viewers will know has been a common occurrence. Typically after the event, there are more discussions on what Apple hasn’t done compared to what it has, but this year is different. Read More »

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