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When companies wheel out their financial results it usually means heads in hands in utter sorrow at the losses made, or jumps for joy as you make profit. For Apple it is always a jump for joy and after another successful earnings call for Cupertino it is time to bask in some of the admittedly frightening numbers that the company can achieve. Read More »

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Apple Q3 2014 earnings
It has been a good year for Apple and despite the company being under some pressure to deliver a WOW product, in terms of sales and finance it could not be better. Well, actually it could be a little better, but we’ll get to that later. For the time being we should focus on Cupertino’s freshly announced third quarter earnings. Read More »

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Apple is going to outdo even itself when it launches the iPhone 6 later in the year as the company is planning the biggest launch in smartphone history. Of course, Cupertino always has the biggest launches, with not even Samsung able to boast the sales Apple can get, but for the iPhone 6 the numbers are staggering. Read More »

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Apple and IBM
Apple’s enterprise ambitions have always been lofty, but despite considerable improvements the company has always lagged behind Blackberry and more recently Samsung. However, with iOS becoming a very secure ecosystem, Apple’s moves in the lucrative enterprise arena are bringing more rewards. Cupertino has now struck a deal with technology giant IBM that could potentially be huge for the company’s future in enterprise. Read More »

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Apple’s iPhone 6 is showing up regularly and the device is said to be in the phase of mass production. However, leaks surrounding the rumoured iPhone phablet that will accompany the 6 have been a little harder to come by. So much so that some reports suggest Apple is having issues in its supply chain and may need to postpone the iPhone 6 phablet until 2015. Read More »

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iPhone 6 render
If you have been keeping track of the iPhone 6 over the last month you will already know what the handset looks like. However, so far the production line demos and unfinished devices have not done the new iPhone justice, but perhaps these new render will. Certainly, if the iPhone 6 arrives looking like this then it will be arguably the most impressive looking smartphone on the market and not just the most popular. Read More »

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iPhone 6 front panel
We have another iPhone 6 leak for you today, and it is a perfect look at the devices front panel screen cover courtesy of 9to5Mac. The shot perfectly shows the size of Apple’s upcoming smartphone flagship, while it also hints at some of the design lines Cupertino is employing on the iPhone 6. Read More »

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Apple AppleCare
Apple has made some rather big changes to its AppleCare program, especially the more premium AppleCare+ model. AppleCare is the free 90 day service the company offers for product support after the purchase of an iPhone and iPad, while AppleCare+ is a paid service that extends that support for a full two years. Read More »

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