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iOS 7 90 adoption
Apple has revealed today that 90% of all users of its mobile devices have updated to iOS 7, adoption levels that put rival Android to shame. We hear so often how Android is catching Apple in terms of how many people adopt a new version, but the difference really is staggering and no matter what recent gains Android has made this is still an embarrassing subject for the platform. Read More »

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Google’s head of Android and Chrome Sundar Pichai has defended the platform in a lengthy interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. Pichai was speaking out against Apple CEO Tim Cook, who recently criticized the Android platform at Cupertino’s WWDC event by saying Android’s security is like a “toxic hell stew”. Cook also claimed that Apple was catching Android in the market, but Sundar Pichai sees things a different way. Read More »

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6 Android beating iOS 8 features

Which mobile platform is best? It is THE debate amongst mobile tech freaks, with Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS the contenders for the title. Oh, but now we also have a strong Windows Phone from Microsoft, making the fan boys decision even harder. When you love one platform over another it is very hard to praise a rival, for example if you love iOS you are unlikely to find very much that is appealing on Android. Read More »

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When Apple introduced iMessage in iOS 5, many iPhone users were rightfully excited about the process of a better way to send free messages without having to install a new app. However, some people have since discovered that leaving iOS for Android might cause iMessage to continue accepting messages and make it impossible to receive standard SMS (text messages) from other iPhones. Read More »

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