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Don’t bother stopping at the front desk the next time you go to check-in to a hotel; just go up to your room and unlock the door using Bluetooth on your iPhone. A US hotel company is testing that very scenario in the hopes that it can use iPhones and other smartphones as a room key. The system works like this:

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Frequently accurate leak source “evleaks” has posted images of an iPhone running SwiftKey Note for iOS. The app reportedly shows that SwitfKey, the best keyboard available on Android or any other smartphone operating system, may be coming to iOS. Unfortunately, it looks as though it’s coming in a very limited fashion.

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OLX Free App for iOS and Android devices offers users a simple fast way to buy and sell items online using only their smartphone. The application is very simple to navigate due to being divided into different sections for buying and selling different items. Once users have an account, OLX will determine their location through GPS and find any items in their surrounding area that’s available to buy. However, if you are searching for an item in a different area the location can be entered manually, and this free app is just as useful for selling items.  Read More »

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The end of 2013 was very kind to Apple, according to a new report from NPD Group. In addition to having a record period of sales during the holiday season, Apple increased its market share from 35 percent to 42 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013. During the same period, Apple’s chief rival Samsung managed to increase its presence from 22 to 26 percent. These numbers focus only on consumers in the United States. Read More »

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Google has brought its movies and television streaming app, appropriately named Google Play Movies & TV, to iOS. The iPhone and iPad app now makes it possible to watch streaming video from Google’s catalog, but there are a few caveats to those efforts. Read More »

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The year of 2013 has flown by and we’re now in 2014, so it’s time to update our  list for the best iPhone poker apps for the year. The following  selection contains The Top 5 Free poker apps for iPhone. We hope you can enjoy! If you want to look at the list of poker websites that have iPhone apps have a look at the article written by Tim Glock from Poker Online. Read More »

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While statistics show that overall crime has decreased in New York City for several years, one crime has steadily increased – stealing Apple products. Since 2007, the number of robberies involving the theft of an Apple product has steadily increased to the point where 18 percent of all grand larceny reports last year involved an Apple product. What’s the reason for the crimes? Read More »

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The ritual of pulling out a smartphone and wiping the screen with a shirt or microfiber will be made redundant with the release of Nuevue, an iPhone case that wipes the screen for you. Inside each Nuevue case is a microfiber material that is designed to remove smudges, dust, and fingerprints in one fell swoop. When the user press down slightly on the case’s exterior and then slides the phone out, the inner lining wipes the screen and makes it more presentable. Take a look at how it operates in the video below.

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