Apple and Samsung agree settlementApple’s courtroom battle with Samsung in the United States has been waged for years, but it is a battle Cupertino has largely won, although not necessarily in the ideal way. The latest victory for the company reveals that Samsung has been found guilty of infringing an Apple patent once again, this time for software stolen from the iPhone to be used in its Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

The result is those (admittedly older) products could be banned from sale unless Samsung removes the software in question. This comes as the latest in a string of victories that show in no uncertain terms that Samsung severely infringed on a myriad of patents Apple created for its own mobile technology. That has hardly ever been in question, the only real problem for Apple is that the company does not feel Samsung has been punished enough for this, with the Korean company receiving token fines.

Apple believes the rival should be fined for higher amounts and that sales bans should have been implemented.
However, even a sales ban would not help Apple now as the device Samsung would have to stop selling are not even on the market anymore. This case stems back so many years that the devices that infringed the patents are old and for the most part out of production. That means Apple will have to pursue a monetary punishment for Samsung again, although it is unlikely to impact the Korean company too greatly.

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