Apple’s Safari browser has picked up a new trick in the latest version of iOS 8 that can save users from having to manually key in their credit card information. When making a payment online, say for Amazon or NewEgg, the browser can take a picture of the credit card and then automatically enter the numbers into the corresponding fields. A special camera mode pops up that asks the user to frame the card within a defined area. The iPhone then snaps a photograph and uses image-to-text conversion to know the name on the card and card number.

There are limitations for what can be done with this camera mode. For instance, some credit card companies put the required security code on the back of the credit card, so it would be quicker to manually type in that code rather than flip over the card and take a second picture. However, for the convenience of not having to type in several digits and your name if you are a slow typist, this is a worthwhile new feature. As always, it would be wise to take precaution when using a credit card online and only entering the information into trustworthy websites.


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