The Rotation inhibitor toggle allows you to turn on/off the auto-rotate feature on your iPhone and iPod Touch. This includes the auto-rotating in Safari, iPod or anything else that changes orientation when you turn your iPhone or iPod Touch. Another reason why you should jailbreak your iphone / iPod Touch ? . Note that you need to install SBsettings (another great app) to make this work! One installed be sure to activate the rotation toggle via SBSettings “more button”

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Name: Rotation inhibitor |  Download from:  Cydia, via ispazio repo |  Price: Free

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3 Responses to “Rotation inhibitor – Turn off auto-rotating feature on your iPhone and iPod Touch”
  1. How do i come in that menu?

  2. Phat^Trance says:

    as i wrote, use SBsettings (download it from cydia)

  3. Do you know the name of sbsettings-theme?
    Looks kinda nice

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