With a new app developed by Bond University student Saxon Cameron, you can now keep your cat preoccupied without worrying what they’re getting into when you’re gone.

And you thought technology was only for humans, it seems now you pets can participate as well.   Saxon designed and developed the app for the RSPCA,  called the Affection Collection.  It is part of a university charity project where you can download free this app in iTunes for your iPad. Then you simply put your device on the floor, open the app, and your feline will have long hours of funny and stimulating activity which could help keep it preoccupied.

This app has been qualified as easy, fun and stimulating for cats. The biggest concern for the cats’ owner would be if the iPad screen could be broken by their paw. The good news is, remember that the iPad’s screen is not easy to scratch unless you have a diamond or a strong impact with a hard surface.

So, don’t worry, put your iPad on the ground, and leave your cat alone with it without fear.

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Tahirí Rojas

Hello, I am a clinical psychologist and love my job; but I feel an special pasion for technological things. English is my second language and I don’t know to use it very well yet. Please forgive me if I have some grammatical mistakes. If you want to know some more about me, you could visit my personal blog: http://innzsroute.blogspot.com/

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