Having problems with your Gmail push lately? This problem started for me 4 days ago and im still having problems with emails being pushed to my iPhone a few hours after they have been sent. Here’s what Google replied regarding their push service not working

As many of you have noticed, Google Sync is having some difficulties due to an extended problem with one of our datacenters. This has been going on over the weekend, but it’s got significantly worse today, so I’m just letting everyone know what’s happening.

None of your information has been lost, and you will still be able to get your data through Sync, but you will find that Push isn’t working very well. This is because we’re batching up fetch requests to be able to cope with the traffic we’re seeing while this problem is ongoing. As soon as we’ve got the problem fixed, push should seamlessly start working properly again.

We’re working flat out to get this fixed, but unfortunately we don’t have an ETA at the moment. We’re doing everything we can to improve the situation in the meantime, and I’ll post here again when I have more news.

Finally, I want to apologise to everyone – we’re feeling your pain too, and we will get this sorted out as soon as we can.



I should add that this is affecting Google Sync for iPhone, Windows Mobile and S60 – if you’re using another way to sync with Google (the BlackBerry sync application, Android sync and so on) you should be unaffected by this problem.

[Thx bleepjay]

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10 Responses to “iPhone: Googles reply to why Gmail push sync not working”
  1. It’s Mr Steve Jobs bending google over and injecting his hot steamy cancer riddin cock right in google asshole!

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  3. Is this problem also affecting premium gmail domain accounts?

  4. Phat^Trance says:

    its affecting all gmail domains (only on the iphone)

  5. thanks Phat^Trance, seems to have been a constant problem since last year, I have tried NuevaSync (no affiliation) which seems to do the job well, but its a paid service.

  6. Phat^Trance says:

    the push service for the iphone seems to be up and running now since a few hours back! YEY!

  7. Still Seems unreliable for us, it may need some time to settle down gain.

  8. hey guys. it seems like they fixed push just now. I didn’t change anything and now emails are flying to my device :) hope it works for all of you as well

  9. My gmail push on iPhone 3g has been highly unreliable for a long time. I keep my imap account and it shows me all emails where push generally only shows some if any. I wish google would actually fix this problem!

  10. […] Ipad Gmail Push GMAIL push on iPadhave heard a lot about the gmail push for iphone , that is is very…n and easy to hand and manage the mails from there. Truly speaking I have no much idea about the application. I have not installed it before and so i need some help from your guys. What is the application and how does it works, also I would like it to work on my ipad. Is this possible? Thank you. Google's push for GMail via GoogleSync, which itself uses Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync). Push can be likened to a permanent connection between servers and Apple's iPhone, which uses resources on a regular basis. To activate the service on your device, you must register your GMail account as an Exchange account. I think you should try using this application, it is great. Re: GMAIL push on iPadYou can rather go for GPushed, GPushed is an application available for a few days in the AppStore that adds push email notification. As soon as you receive new e-mail pop-ups appear with an overview and an icon on the program with a badge. Configuration is very simple, since all you have to do is to run the application, enter information for the Gmail account and save the settings. Recall that the Push Notification require the battery and that continuous monitoring can be enabled via the settings. In this case, Gmail will push open a connection only when the server has detected the presence of new messages. Re: GMAIL push on iPadWith the release of the iPad , apple launched an experimental interface consists of two components in order to take full advantage of its large touch screen. Based on the Web application, this new interface to your conversations and messages left to right. All the features of Gmail that you know, like offline access and caching, are present on the version iPad. The shelves are very new, so expect to change while we optimize this new format. Re: GMAIL push on iPadFor the configuration of gmail push you can follow this 1. Open the application settings2. Go mails, contacts and calendar.3. Press add an account4. Select microsoft exchange.5. In the email field, enter your full email address.6. Leave the field empty7. Enter your full email address in the username field8. Enter your password …9. Press next on top of the screen.9a. Choose whether to accept a dialog box appears.10. A new field "server" appears. Type the server google m.google.com.11. Press again on next.12. Select the Google services you want to sync with your iPhone.13. If you do not want to delete the existing contacts on your iPhone select "keep my existing contacts" when the dialog box appears. About the Author […]

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