ToolJail is designed for iPhone newbie’s to help them jailbreak and unlock their iPhone and iPod touch. It contains all the necessary jailbreak and unlock instructions, along with how-to’s on DFU and Recovery Mode, downgrading firmware, and direct download links for all the necessary tools required.

Straight from the the dev behind the ToolJail 2.2:

As I said here is ToolJail 2.2, the update that includes tutorials for the jailbreak of iOS 4. There is also a new icon called Unlock where you can find the tutorial for the unlock.

NOTE: ToolJail 2.2 needs Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed on the PC (you can download them here :

ToolJail 2.2 is also full of animations that make ToolJail 2.2 slower than the other versions. So if you run it on old computers it may be very slow. So, if you want to enjoy ToolJail 2.2 run it on a new computer.

Download ToolJail 2.2 from our forum

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