This is a guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone on 3.0.1 firmware using RedSn0w 0.8. You can find all the files needed for the jailbreak after the break…

Jailbreak your iPhone at your own risk, you may damage your phone

Windows Users – Download Redsnow 0.8.
You have to put in 3.0 firmware file and not 3.0.1 because Redsnow currently works only with this 3.0.

Here are the 3.0 firmware files for iphone 2g, iphone 3g, and iphone 3GS (Iphone 2g 3.0 Firmware file) (Iphone 3g 3.0 Firmware file) (Iphone 3gS 3.0 Firmware file)

Below are the 3.0.1 Firmware files. You do not need them until Redsnow requires an update. (IPhone 2g 3.0.1 Firmware file) (Iphone 3g 3.0.1 Firmware File) (Iphone 3gS 3.0.1 Firmware file)

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