Heres an guide on how to jailbreak your iPod Touch with 3.1.2 firmware. Please read these instructions carefully and if you are experiencing any problem with the jailbreak you can always restore your old iPod Touch backup file by connecting your iPod Touch to iTunes. Don’t forget to backup your data before jailbreaking.

Jailbreak your iPod Touch at your own risk, you may damage your phone

1. Backup your iPod Touch via iTunes

2: Download Blackra1n from here (Click on the windows logo or the apple logo depending on your OS to download the files)

3. Connect your iPod touch to your computer and open the blackra1n application.

4. Click the make it ra1n button.

5. blackra1n will now put your iPod Touch in recovery mode and display the above image of Geohot. While in recovery mode, blackra1n will jailbreak your iPod touch. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PHONE

6. Once blackra1n is done jailbreaking, your iPod Touch will reboot and you should see the blackra1n icon on your iPod touch screen.

7. Tap the blackra1n icon to open it. You have the option of installing either Cydia, Icy, or Rock ( i recommend you to install Cydia). Select the applications you would like to install and then click the Install button to install them.

Your iPod Touch is now jailbroken! Welcome to the darkside ?

[Thx Daniel]

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3 Responses to “Guide: How to Jailbreak iPod Touch 3.1.2”
  1. I have jailbreak my iPod Touch 2G 8GB with blackra1n installed cydia and rock, i suffered so much because after i install cydia and rock i accidentally restore my iPod from itunes so a problem happen it didn’t restore so i unpluged my ipod but i cannot turn it off with the power botton i tried but nothing happened so i let it turned on until battery run out (battery full) so in the next day i tried again and can do the jailbreak install cydia and rock but it was restored i install appsync os 3.1 rom cydia winterboard and all stuff that work fine THE ONLY PROBLEM is when i turn off my iPod and turn it on appear the itunes logo like first time i plug my ipod to itunes so i have to run blackra1in again to force a reboot on iPod to a succed turn on.

    Can anyone can help me about avoid this step, acording to several post this thing should not happen, i need advice about this.

  2. Phat^Trance says:

    its not possible to go around that right now, that happens to new iphone with the new baseband.

  3. Iluvmyitouch says:

    Ummm… I’m scared to do this because I’m afraid it will mess up my itouch, but this sounds so cool!! Can someone please give me some advice?!

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