Heres a guide on how to fix Cydia problems or error that u may get while using Cydia on jailbroken iPhone / iPod Touch. Enjoy!

Identify the Problem:

This is probably a good place to start … follow the steps to see if you can determine the problem with your Cydia:

1) Open Terminal on the device or through SSH.
2) Type the following:

apt-get update

3) Read the error message.

Sometimes just running the update command will fix the issue!

Cydia Crash on Load:

1) SSH into your device.
2) Navigate to the /var/lib/apt/lists/ folder.
3) Delete everything EXCEPT the partial folder.
4) Reboot.

Another possible fix is to SSH into root/private/ect/apt/sources.list.d and remove all entries except saurik.list.
This will delete all your manually added repos. (Thanks to neyzcorp for this fix)

Cydia Won’t Add a Repo:

There are very few possible explanations, here are a few:
1) The repo is down, check the forums for more information.
2) You typed it wrong, many people forget to put the / at the end of a repo url.
3) You aren’t connect to a network … pretty self explanatory.

Source Error:

A common error message would be Bzip2 error or the fact that a source is not functioning correctly.


If you cannot remove the source from Cydia or the problem persists, try this:

1) SSH into your device.
2) Navigate to the /etc/apt/ folder.
3) Backup the cydia.list OR sources.list.d file.
4) Edit the cydia.list OR sources.list.d file with a text editor and remove the entry related to the problematic source.
5) Reboot.

Crash After “Reloading Data”:

If Cydia is crashing after the Reloading Data message then try this:
(If you don’t have terminal installed, use terminal through SSH)

1) Open Mobile Terminal/Terminal via SSH.
2) Type:

dpkg –configure -a

3) Reboot.

I am unsure that this is a valid fix but if you try it let me know the outcome please.

Package Header Error:

If on startup, Cydia says there’s an error with package headers do the following to fix it.

1) Open terminal and type:

dpkg –a configure

2) Respring just to make sure it reloads the data.

Icon is not Visible:

If your Cydia icon disappeared after you installed a new package and restarting doesn’t get it back, follow these steps:

1) SSH into /applications/
2) Copy the icon.png to your computer.
3) Delete icon.png from the device
4) Respring and a basic, white icon will appear for Cydia.
5) Copy the icon.png back to /applications/
6) Respring and the normal icon should be there.


Cyder is a progam for your computer that downloads and transfers packages/sources to your device.
It also has other useful feature which may fix problems such as clearing the cache.
To get it go here:

A New Cache Fix:

If you are having problems with the cache and want to clear it try this new tool. There are 2 things you must install first though.

1) FixCydiaCache here – download
2) afc2add package from Cydia

To fix the cache you must:

1) Load FixCydiaCache and connect your iDevice to the PC
2) Click on the only button that says “Fix My Cydia Cache!”

Reinstall Cydia:

If you can’t find a fix for the problem and you really want it fixed, then try reinstalling Cydia.

1) Open Terminal on your device or through SSH
2) Type the following commands:

apt-get remove cydia
apt-get install cydia

3) Reboot

Another method of reinstalling Cydia is:

1) Download Cydia (use google to find the link)
2) SSH the package to /var/mobile on your device.
3) Open Terminal and type the following:

dpkg -i cydia.deb

4) Reboot (twice sometimes)

If none of the above worked then you will be forced to rejailbreak … there is no other way!

[Thx NastyBen for the guide]

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