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It’s obvious that Flappy Little Thing developers have drawn their inspiration from the one-hit wonder, Flappy Bird. It seems as if this game and others closely resembling it are never going to go way. Read More »

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Classting is more than a brilliant productivity app for students and teachers; it may well represent a paradigm shift in how educators, students, and their parents communicate in and out of the classroom. It’s a collaboration and social media platform designed to streamline classroom communication and connect students, instructors, and parents in the same class and around the world.

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Zooper is a new match 3 game from Mango Factory that’s been wooing mobile gamers since its recent launch. Perhaps no other casual gaming genre has made the switch to touch-screen mobile gaming as seamlessly as match 3 games. This classic game theme has survived every type of platform and console evolution, and now, match 3 games still thrive in the iTunes App Store. So it’s little wonder that developers continue to come up with new match-3 titles, but how many more twists on this old theme could there be?

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DragonSlayers is an incredibly detailed, three dimensional action RPG adventure newly launched in the iTunes App Store.  Players choose one of two character classes for their player character and then set out on an epic fantasy adventure that rivals PC gaming in graphics, scope, and story development.
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App Icons allows you to personalize your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with custom style icons. Check the video review after the break.

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We all can use a little extra money in our pockets these days. What better way to earn money than using your iOS device. Although, I show these apps on iOS devices I’m confident they are available for Android users as well. Watch the video below to see how you can earn money using Apps and have the money deposited into your PayPal accounts.

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DrawRace 2, a unique touch-based racing game, is free for a limited time. Don’t miss it! Check the official trailer and video review after the break.

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Share Anytime is an iOS application available for free to download in App Store.  It was developed by MetaMoji which also developed NoteAnytime.

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