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Cydia Tweaks RoundUp

Each week we try to share the top Free Cydia Tweaks released the past week. This week has been very fruitful bringing several nice free tweaks. Please understand these aren’t our top picks from all tweaks just what has been released during the week before. Some of the comments have suggested we are calling these our top free tweaks for 2014 and that’s not the case. This is just for the best of the most recent tweaks available for iOS. Read More »

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Articon offers users a much more stylish way to display their music app icon. Although, this tweak isn’t limited to only the music app, it can change Pandora, Spotify, Music App, and others depending on how you are receiving your music. Articon is available in ModMyi Repo for $0.99. Watch the video below for a look inside how the tweak functions.

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Got a jailbroken iPhone? Why not take advantage of that extra freedom with some great Cydia tweaks. Each week we share the top tweaks released during the week. Take a moment to share our video with all your social media friends.  This weeks tweaks include some of the most anticipated tweaks of the year.  We truly believe you will enjoy the content in the video.  Please subscribe to our channel for more content like this weekly.

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Speed Intensifier, a tweak designed to make your iPhone move faster, has been updated for iOS 7. The developer has made certain it doesn’t drain battery, and users who are running 64 bit devices may also enjoy the increased animation speeds of this tweak. What else can do it? Read below to find out. Read More »

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Vertex has been a much anticipated tweak for several months. The app has all the controls at the swipe up from the bottom with your thumb, and it’s truly amazing just how many great this tweak performs. We have been fortunate enough to get a copy for review from the awesome developers, Ian Burns & Xpod. great this tweak really is and all it includes. Please take a moment to share the video and Subscribe if you enjoy.  We bring these type videos on a regular basis. Read More »

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The long awaited IntelliscreenX 7 has finally been released by Intelliborn developers. Being an avid iNtelliscreenX user, I have been anticipating this release since the Evasi0n7 Jailbreak in mid-January. Well, the wait is over and we have put together a video showing some of its newest features. Please take a moment to watch and feel free share this video if you like it. Don’t miss our previous Top 10 Cydia Tweaks Feb 28, 2014. Read More »

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It’s that time of the week again where we roundup all the best free tweaks and share them with you.  Be sure to bookmark the site to get the best tweaks each week.  It’s a great way to stay on top of what was released during the week without checking Cydia every day.  Most people who have things to do and a job don’t have time each day to do that.  That’s what we are here for and besides we enjoy doing it. Watch the video below for a look at some the top features each tweak brings to the table.   Read More »

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These are the top ten free tweaks released during January 12-18, 2014.  We have seen a plethora of new tweaks over the past week.  The developers have finally caught up after the new Evasi0n7 jailbreak release. These ten free Cydia Tweaks are tweaks we enjoy using ourselves.  If you feel we skipped a tweak which deserved recognition please leave a comment under the video.  We will be glad to add it to our next round up. Please take a moment to share this video socially.  It truly helps us when viewers take the time to share the video and leave a comment.  We hope you enjoy the video. Read More »

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