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iPod Touch update

The iPod was the product that revitalized Apple at the turn of the century and the iPod Touch is probably the best music player on the market. The Touch is set to get a cheaper version update next week. Without the huge success of the iPod (now called the iPod classic) Apple would not be in the position it is in today and you would probably not be fiddling with an iPhone or iPad. Read More »

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Apple has just started to sell its new, cheaper iPod Touch.

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Epic Hearts is an extraordinary find for iOS gamers who love immersing themselves in the wide world of a fantasy RPG.  And let’s face it, the App Store isn’t exactly overflowing with gems in that department. So many “RPG-inspired” App Store offerings are really “games where the character has skill points to collect” or some such weak approximation of what the RPG fandom really wants out of a game.  Epic Hearts, however, delivers and delivers in full.

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The iPod touch 5th gen is already out in some local Apple stores. Check the unboxing, camera tests, Siri and gaming videos after the break.

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IOS 6 Beta 1 is out and I believe that everyone want to try the new features, but Apple allows you to install Beta firmware only if you have UDID (Unique Device Identifier) registered with an iOS developers account.

BoyD7 uploaded a video tutorial that will help you to install iOS 6 Beta 1 without registered developers account. Check the video tutorial after the break.

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The agony of the wait is for just a few more days as French Hacker Extraordinaire pod2G has announced an untethered iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak is just days away.

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God of Defence is a castle defense title from MGame Mobile that aims to shake up the usual formula but has unfortunately failed miserably in their goal.

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Mobicle has done it again: launched a new game that’s practically guaranteed to suck you in and waste your time in the most glorious way. If you dig social games with friends, this one is for you. Get ready to expand your online worlds with a taste of the frontier before it was tamed.

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