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When a company backed by TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest announced Typo, a clip-on QWERTY keyboard for the iPhone 5 and 5s devices, it was obvious where the inspiration for the Bluetooth accessory came from. The raised keys had an obvious resemblance to BlackBerry keyboards, and the resemblance has become so noticeable that BlackBerry has filed suit against the company. Read More »

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Apple iPhone users, like most modern smartphone buyers, have become comfortable enough with the advancements of touchscreen technology that typing on physical keys is no longer a necessity. For the people who still prefer the feedback of touching an actual button rather than a virtual one, the Typo keyboard case helps iPhone 5 or 5s owners have the best of both worlds. Read More »

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Meelectronic Air-Fi Bluetooth headphones offer excellent sound quality. They offer a Bluetooth connection as well as a 3.5 mm jack for a wired connection.

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The iHome iW1 can wirelessly stream music through airplay. The iW1 has a very nice sleek profile mostly black with chrome trim with speakers covered with black fabric. Its dimensions are approximately 12inx7.5in x 3.5in and comes with a remote for controlling your music. It does require a Wi-Fi connection in order to use airplay for streaming music with iOS devices. The iW1 iHome also offers a connection through a 3.5 mm jack for other devices connecting without airplay capabilities.

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PhoneArena reviews the Jabra WAVE. The Jabra WAVE is the Bluetooth headset that might be your savior on a windy day, or that is what its manufacturer is reassuring us.

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Typing long emails or articles on the on-screen virtual keyboard on your iDevice sometimes can be very frustrating task, especially when typing on the iPhone’s screen. On the iPad where the keys are just about normal sized in landscape mode its much easier to type, but on-screen keyboard covers half of the screen and is little too sensitive for typing long articles. Spelling mistakes and randomly auto-corrected words occur when you are trying to type fast as you would on your laptop or PC because you simply cannot “feel” what you are typing in contrast to the tactile nature of using a physical keyboard. You can easily hit the wrong key or miss out keys completely without even realizing it because of the smooth feel of the touchscreen surface. If your iPad replaced your old notebook, if you use your iPad as your main travel computer, or if you are sick of writing long emails and articles on the small iPhone screen while on the go, wireless bluetooth keyboard is right accessory for you and Verbatim’s Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard is a great choice. Here’s why!

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