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DocScanner Pro offers many great features for scanning different items to help deciliter your paper items.  DocScanner Pro is available for all iOS devices for $6.99.  It’s also available on Android devices.

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cyctastic iPhone App, your personal sports and health assistant for all kinds of exercises (cycling, mountain bike, running and many others).


  • Track exercises via GPS: automatically record time, distance, calories consumption, speed, elevation and more
  • View your current position and route on a map
  • Training diary: history of your exercises
  • Sexy voice feedback in English and German
  • iPod integration: listen to your favourite music during training
  • Competitions: challenge your friends and let the voice feedback tell you if you are the leader. Attention: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!
  • Sharing: Publish your activities on Facebook, Twitter and on the runtastic sports portal
  • Indoor sports: manual data input offers you the possibility to keep track of your exercises such as gym training, treadmill or yoga

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Apple and Starbucks have joined forces in which they are giving away paid iPhone applications  for Starbucks in store promotion called the “Pick of the Week.  Starbucks had been giving away iTunes music to customers in the coffee stores.

The first app being giving away at the Starbucks stores is the $5.99 (in the App Store) Shazam Encore.  Shazam Encore allows to identify music that is being played wherever you are and allows to view the lyrics of the song as that song is being played.

Visit your local Starbucks coffee, find the drink or snack you would like to buy, then pick up a free “Pick of the Week” card at the register.   There is a code on the card which is redeemable in iTunes App store.


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BackStab, a new title from Gameloft, is wowing fans with incredible 3D graphics.  Does the rest of the game stack up to its visual power? The backstory to BackStab does.  Set in the 18th century, the player takes on the role of Henry Blake, a man with nothing to live for but vengeance.  Blake serves as a dark hero, rogue killer, and all-around-badass.  He’s lost his fiancée and his life as he knew it, and he’s got nothing else to lose.  Which means, of course, that this game is about to get gory. While Blake is mayhem on the loose, however, there’s more to the game than just slaughtering everything.  He’s a man on a mission, and getting to the final target is the key.  There are also numerous side quests to supplement the main campaign, which gives the player more game time and more bang for his buck. BackStab takes place in a free-roaming 3D environment, and the beauty of the visuals can’t be overstressed.  Nor can the intensity of the combat.  As the name suggests, BackStab is extremely bloody, so if you like your video game violence to be minimal, take a pass.

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FindmyiPhone alternative on Cydia called iGotYa that can use the front facing camera to take picture of your theif, it’ll even show you GPS location of your device! Need help jailbreaking your phone? These guides and tutorials will show you how to jailbreak your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

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Version 2.0 of Auto3G, available in the Cydia store, has just been released. Auto3G extends your battery life by automatically turning off the 3G radio (leaving on the 2G radio) when you lock your iPhone and automatically turning on the 3G radio when you unlock your iPhone.

Version 2.0 now allows you to have Auto3G automatically turn off the 3G radio when you have a Wifi connection. Version 2.0 even enables you to keep your iPhone on 2G at all times unless designated applications are running. This way you always have the speed of 3G when you need it without the battery loss.

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iBlueNova, an application that allows the transfer of files via Bluetooth to any device, got a new update today!

2.0.1 Changelog:

  • Fixed problem that occurred with the iPhone 2G
  • Fixed a problem with Windows 7 (now being able to send and receive files)
  • Solved the problems of transfer does not complete
  • Improved start times of the daemon to transfer files

Addition we also propose the todo list for the next version:

  • Finished graphics at the interface
  • A Fix for the rfcomm
  • A Fix for the rpc daemon daemon, which sometimes crashes on the iPhone 2G and 3G

Name: iBlueNova |  Download from:  Cydia |  Price: Free trial – 6$ to buy

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iBlueNova, an application that allows the transfer of files via Bluetooth to any device, was released yesterday. iBlueNova is for iPhone OS 3.x devices only. If you have an iPhone running OS 2.x you can use iBluetooth.

Name: iBlueNova |  Download from:  Cydia |  Price: Free trial – 6$ to buy

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