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The most worrying aspect of Apple’s thriving business at the moment is the iPad, which has suffered sales declines for the last six quarters. However, the device is merely following an overall market trend that has saw sales of tablets decline on the whole for the same amount of time. Yes, Cupertino’s slate is declining rapidly, but then it has further to fall and is still comfortably the best-selling tablet on the market. Read More »

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It’s widely expected that Apple will introduce a larger model iPhone next year. The iPhone 5 increased the screen size to 4 inches, and the iPhone 6 is believed to raise that a few fractions higher. The latest rumor is that in addition to a bigger iPhone, we’ll also get a bigger iPad in 2014. Read More »

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Apple’s Black Friday deals have switched from a direct drop in price to a future drop in price through gift cards. For one day only, Apple is giving holiday shoppers gift cards with the purchase of select products. Read More »

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The new iPad Air has blazing speed. If you have any doubts about whether the phone is as fast as it is light, watch the video below to view the scores. It proves to be twice as fast as the iPhone 5 and iPad 4 gen. These devices aren’t considered slow to say the least, so you can imagine just how fast Apple’s tablet has become. That’s just how much more advanced the Apple technology continues to grow and amaze many. Read More »

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People often buy Wi-Fi tablets and connect to the internet by turning their smartphones into mobile hotspots when a Wi-Fi network isn’t nearby. Apple iPad Air owners willing to do the opposite and use their iPad to act as a mobile hotspot will get a much better return when it comes to battery life.

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Starting today LTE-enabled version of the iPad mini and 4th-generation iPad are available from AT&T and Sprint.

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Engadged reviews the iPad mini. Check the video review after the break.

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Yesterday, Apple announced its new product, the iPad mini. Check the hands-on videos after the break.

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