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iPhone 6 render
If you have been keeping track of the iPhone 6 over the last month you will already know what the handset looks like. However, so far the production line demos and unfinished devices have not done the new iPhone justice, but perhaps these new render will. Certainly, if the iPhone 6 arrives looking like this then it will be arguably the most impressive looking smartphone on the market and not just the most popular. Read More »

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iPhone 6 front panel
We have another iPhone 6 leak for you today, and it is a perfect look at the devices front panel screen cover courtesy of 9to5Mac. The shot perfectly shows the size of Apple’s upcoming smartphone flagship, while it also hints at some of the design lines Cupertino is employing on the iPhone 6. Read More »

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Close to 60% of adults have Smartphones; this number rises rapidly every day. Whether they’re using iphones, android platform or other platforms the fact that they are using a smartphone enhances game play. Smartphone’s allow for great game play due to increased sound quality in addition to an increased picture quality. With excellent picture and sounds abilities users are able to enjoy playing Mobile Casino by Royal Kenya games on their phone with no hassle. In addition to playing games on phones there are now many games available that utilize the smartphone in some capacity. This greatly enhances game play with the smart phone.

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Technology is evolving at an amazing speed. This is evident in the gaming industry where games are exponentially evolving each year to cater for the gamers’ growing needs. The current technological trends of gaming show that the games are becoming exceedingly streamlined, participatory and immersive.

Immersive Gaming

Advancement in technology has led to enhanced hardware capabilities, with the virtual reality (VR) making a come back in the gaming industry. For instance, the upcoming Oculus Rift is a virtual reality head-mounted display that features a 107-degree massive field of view, immersive 3D stereoscopic rendering capacities and a quick response head-tracking system. Another example of immersive technology is Microsoft IllumiRoom, which literally increases the viewer’s experience by using the appearance and geometry of his living room as well as projecting games on furniture and walls.

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iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and its reported phablet sibling are quite possibly the most leaked Apple devices ever. We seem to be seeing info and images of these handsets everywhere and Cupertino’s usual government like secrecy has slipped away. It is to be expected in the modern era of social media and cameras in every pocket, and today we have something extra to give you regarding the production process for the latest iPhones. Read More »

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iPhone 6

This can probably be chalked up as the most obvious news of the year, but according to a recent survey the iPhone 6 and any handset that launches alongside it will sell in the millions. Yeah, we get it, you hardly need a survey to tell you that the iPhone 6 will sell well, simply because that is what all iPhones do. Millions of units shift at launch and the device continues to be the lead seller throughout its life, so the iPhone 6 will be a bon-a-fide hit. Read More »

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The number of thefts of Apple iPhones has fallen recently, and there’s only one explanation for the drop in crime, according to law enforcement – Apple instituted Activation Lock to make it tougher to use a stolen iPhone. The New York Times has a story in which officers in New York, San Francisco, and London state that they believe the new security measure is the reason. Read More »

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iPhone 6 and phablet

We have been flooded with iPhone 6 leaks over the last few weeks and the more the merrier we say. We are not the kind to turn down the chance to see the newest smartphone from Cupertino before launch, but something in all of these images has been conspicuous by its absence. We are of course talking about the reported iPhone phablet that has been rumoured to be launching alongside the 6. If so many leaks of the iPhone 6 have arrived from production runs and other sources, where is the phablet, is it just a myth? Read More »

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