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Apple has just done what no other smartphone company could, more than what any other tech company could, and more than what any company could period. On the back of 74 million iPhone sold last quarter, Apple put together the most profitable three month period ever recorded in the business world…. Eat that Samsung and Android. Read More »

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Apple is the toast of Wall Street and the tech world once again, but many a wondering when the next big thing will come from the company. However, it is actually just around the corner as Cupertino has not actually released the Apple Watch yet, announcing the device way back in September but not launching it. Read More »

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Apple Q3 2014 earnings
Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones through the last quarter, a number that has shook the industry. The company also managed something almost unheard of, it sold more products, increased prices, and even managed higher profit margins. The result of an almost perfect period means Apple raked in an unprecedented amount of profit off soaring revenue. Read More »

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KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said yesterday that Apple would top expectations and sell 73 million iPhone units, 2 million more than other analysts were predicting. It turns out even Kuo was wrong as Apple confounded the industry and confirmed that it sold a mind bending 74.5 million iPhones through its fiscal second quarter (4th calendar quarter). Read More »

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Apple has been enjoying massive sales around the world with its iPhone through 2014, in fact the company has been enjoying huge sales for nearly a decade. However, in India the handset has been a slow mover and Cupertino only entered the market in one of the largest emerging markets recently. Through the fourth quarter the iPhone was responsible for 500,000 units in India. Read More »

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Apple said yesterday that its App Store smashed all previous records a few days ago, confirming that is made $500 million in sales through one week, while having the best day ever on New Year’s Day. Of course, without the customers Apple would be nothing, but the company is not rewarding those customers as Cupertino is raising app prices in Europe and Canada. Read More »

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Apple is having a dream start to the year, with the iPhone dominating the Holiday Season (and the months prior actually). On top of that, Cupertino has announced today its revenue and figures for the App Store over the first week of 2015. Read More »

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Considering the huge market presence and success Apple enjoyed leading up to Christmas, it was always going to be a record breaking holiday season for the company. The exact scale of the success is set to stun the tech world and leave every other rival company in Apple’s wake, at least according to the most bullish analyst predictions. Read More »

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