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6 Android beating iOS 8 features

Which mobile platform is best? It is THE debate amongst mobile tech freaks, with Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS the contenders for the title. Oh, but now we also have a strong Windows Phone from Microsoft, making the fan boys decision even harder. When you love one platform over another it is very hard to praise a rival, for example if you love iOS you are unlikely to find very much that is appealing on Android. Read More »

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iPhone Home Button

Apple’s WWDC 2014 was pretty uneventful considering it is comfortably the most watched and scrutinized developer conference in the world. There has been little backlash against Cupertino, something that regular WWDC viewers will know has been a common occurrence. Typically after the event, there are more discussions on what Apple hasn’t done compared to what it has, but this year is different. Read More »

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Apple announced iOS 8 yesterday, and the company listed a number cool new features that will go a long way towards improving life on iOS. However, the nature of the event meant that it couldn’t put out a long list of everything that has been added, tweaked, or improved. Thankfully, Apple released an iOS 8 developer preview that allows users to discover much of what’s new. Read More »

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iOS 8 iWatch

Apple’s software-centric WWDC event today had those who wanted the glitz and glam of product launches fairly bored. After-all, if you are after your next flagship smartphone or tablet, what is some software going to do to fill the tech void? For the rest of us, we knew what WWDC is about, a conference where software is the key. Read More »

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iOS 8

So, as we expected, there were no major surprises at Apple’s WWDC keynote speech today. There were no new products and not even a hint of them. A low key developer conference is accepted for most companies, but not for Apple, with WWDC likely to have analysts predicting doom and gloom for the brand. However, this event is not about product, but software, so with iOS 8 now out in the wild, you may be wondering if it will be coming to your Apple device. Read More »

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Apple iOS has been under the tight control of its creator, locking iPhone and iPad users to default elements of the software. On the same day that Apple announced that it would update the iOS 8 keyboard to include predictive text, Apple also revealed that users will have more freedom, including the freedom to use an iPhone replacement keyboard. Read More »

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Apple today announced iOS 8 with a number of new features, including some that we predicted and others that were not expected. One of those big changes was an improvement to Siri. Apple has announced that Siri will see an improvement in iOS 8 that allows for hands-free voice prompting when in the car. Read More »

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We have shared several mockup videos and leaked photos of the upcoming iPhone 6.  The iPhone 6 is being compared to the iPhone 5S in the photos in the video here.  It’s quite obvious the iPhone 6 display is much larger than the iPhone 5S.  Just last week we shared two separate videos of leaked photos.  This seems to be one of the hottest topics at this time.  Although, we can see features such as button placements and size of the iPhone 6 physically. Read More »

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