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Apple Q3 2014 earnings
Tim Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose for PBS is now available online, or at least the first part, and you can of course see it right here on this page. The Apple CEO sat down for a lengthy interview, with the second part due to air tonight. Over the first part, Cook talked at length with Rose over an hour that included touching base on most things Apple. Without further ado, you can check out the interview via the video below. Sadly, the video may not work if you are in certain regions. Read More »

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Apple diversity
Apple CEO Tim Cook has sat down for a PBS interview with Charlie Rose to discuss all things Cupertino, touching on a number of pressing issues regarding the company. Among the topics on the agenda were Steve Jobs, why the iPhone now has a larger screen, new products, and a discussion about which company is Apple’s closest rival. Read More »

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Apple pulled a mini surprise today by launching the Apple Watch. Yes, we very much thought that Cupertino’s first wearable would land at the iPhone 6 launch event, but we suspected it to be called the iWatch. Instead it gets another name, but how does it hold up against the rest of the competition in the smartwatch market? Read More »

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iWatch mockup
The iWatch is fast becoming the most frustrating of Apple products, that’s if it even exists of course. Last weekend I was sure that the wearable would make an appearance at Cupertino’s iPhone 6 launch event next week, but according to DigiTimes, it could be a while until we see the smartwatch. Read More »

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It has probably not escaped your attention that there have been a slew of nude celebrity photos on the internet over the weekend. No, we are not going to link them for you, but Google’s your friend. A number of famous actresses have been caught in nothing but skin and plastered all of the internet, their phones seemingly hacked. A problem with Apple’s iCloud seems to be at the cause of the issue, so damn those popular iPhones. Read More »

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Apple has always avoided NFC, thinking the technology to be a bit of a fad and not a real solution to mobile payment. With that in mind, I have been surprised by persistent rumours that the upcoming iPhone 6 will finally get a chip with Near Field Communication technology. Another report today suggests that Cupertino will continue to avoid NFC and will instead get some of the biggest companies in the world to help with its own mobile payment system. Read More »

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Apple vs. Samsung
Apple’s longstanding court battle with Samsung took a new twist this week as a US judge denied Apple’s request for a sales ban on Samsung devices in the country. Cupertino has been tackling the Korean giant for a few years over patent infringements and has won several times, proving that Samsung did indeed use Apple ideas on its products without permission. Read More »

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iWatch mockup
We know that Apple will be launching the iPhone 6 at a press event on September 9th, the invites have been sent and we are now waiting with eager anticipation. However, Cupertino may have one more surprise up its sleeve and it could be huge! Reports have gathered pace suggesting that the company is ready to launch the iWatch alongside the iPhone 6 in 11 days’ time. Read More »

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