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The number of thefts of Apple iPhones has fallen recently, and there’s only one explanation for the drop in crime, according to law enforcement – Apple instituted Activation Lock to make it tougher to use a stolen iPhone. The New York Times has a story in which officers in New York, San Francisco, and London state that they believe the new security measure is the reason. Read More »

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At some point, you have to check all the boxes check by your rivals. Windows 8 tablets have split screens in some capacity, and so do Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before Apple embraced the idea and built iOS 8 to have it’s own 2-for-1 screen. The difference is Apple’s still very much in beta and working to turn that work-in-progress into a finished product.

Users of the iOS 8 developer edition have discovered that there exists code in Springboard that references two apps running side-by-side. The codes also show the ability to adjust the amount of space each window takes up, enabling a 50-50 split or 75-25 share. It will be a big boost to multitasking and a worthwhile solution for people who want to accomplish tasks or discover information without having to jump back and forth between windows. As someone who loves Multi-Window on the Galaxy Tab but also uses an iPad Mini, I’d be very happy not to have to give up one of the best tablet features when switching from one platform to the other.

According to sources from a few connected bloggers, Apple removed multitasking from the beta because it was too buggy. That’s a recurring theme in recent days, but one that doesn’t make us any less enthused about the prospect of getting split screens. We may have that wish granted come September.


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While many iPhone and iPad users were excited by much of what Apple introduced at last week’s Worldwide Developer Conference, others still wondered why Apple didn’t address what’s arguably its greatest weakness – Maps. The problem may be because poor management and infighting caused delays that prevented Apple from finishing iOS 8 in time for WWDC. Read More »

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Apple’s Safari browser has picked up a new trick in the latest version of iOS 8 that can save users from having to manually key in their credit card information. When making a payment online, say for Amazon or NewEgg, the browser can take a picture of the credit card and then automatically enter the numbers into the corresponding fields. Read More »

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Apple introduced the Lightning connector in the iPhone 5 as a way to more quickly and efficiently charge the phone and transfer files. Rumors now point to the dock being made compatible with headphones. 9to5Mac reports that it has received word that Apple is introducing a spec to manufacturers that will make it possible to connect audio devices through Lightning cords rather than the 3.5mm headphone jack. Read More »

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Apple announced iOS 8 yesterday, and the company listed a number cool new features that will go a long way towards improving life on iOS. However, the nature of the event meant that it couldn’t put out a long list of everything that has been added, tweaked, or improved. Thankfully, Apple released an iOS 8 developer preview that allows users to discover much of what’s new. Read More »

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Apple iOS has been under the tight control of its creator, locking iPhone and iPad users to default elements of the software. On the same day that Apple announced that it would update the iOS 8 keyboard to include predictive text, Apple also revealed that users will have more freedom, including the freedom to use an iPhone replacement keyboard. Read More »

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Apple today announced iOS 8 with a number of new features, including some that we predicted and others that were not expected. One of those big changes was an improvement to Siri. Apple has announced that Siri will see an improvement in iOS 8 that allows for hands-free voice prompting when in the car. Read More »

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