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There have been growing rumors over the last week that Apple will launch three iPhone mobiles this year, an iPhone 7 (possibly iPhone 6s), iPhone 7 Plus, and a new small 4-inch handset. Unlike most iPhone rumors, this one seems a little more credible considering the iPhone 4c is now a couple of years old and is need of a refresh.

Cupertino won a lot of new customers by bumping its screen size to 4.7-inch for the iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch for the iPhone 6 Plus. It was Apple catching up to the times, and in doing so the company broke all sales records over the last six months. However, Apple is not willing to abandon the old 4-inch form factor entirely and it seems the iPhone 6c will come with a 4-inch screen, the same size as the iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 5c.

Like the iPhone 5c, the next version will come with a colorful plastic shell instead of a metal chassis like the more premium models. It will however get a full list of features such as NFC connectivity, TouchID fingerprint sensor, while the hardware will likely come from the iPhone 5s, making the 5c a solid mid-range handset.

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While Apple uses a relatively small 8 megapixel camera on its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but the shooter is among the best smartphone snappers on the market. The company takes the photography side of its handset seriously and is taking things a step further with a new patent. Apple applied for and was awarded a patent for a new type of mobile camera technology that would add a zoom lens to the module.

Of course, getting a true zoom lens into the small chassis of a smartphone is not exactly easy, but Cupertino has found a solution. Apple’s engineers envision an L-shaped camera module where the sensor will face on a non-direct angle. The light will now enter into a triangular pyramid glass and beam light back down the L shaped module and into the zoom lens.

Apple is also working hard on optical image stabilization (OIS), while will now be aided by the module itself. The L shaped module will feature a folding mirror that will float and be able to move around inside the device to absorb shakes and bumps.
Of course, because Apple has patented this tech it does not mean we will necessarily see it ever, although this is the kind of tech that could easily go into production. Don’t expect to see it on this year’s Apple smartphones though.

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Apple Q3 2014 earnings
Some people think Apple has stopped innovating in recent times, while others point to things like 64-bit processing and fingerprint technology as proof that Cupertino is still a trailblazer. However, huge sweeping changes have not been forthcoming, but could Apple be exploring making a defining contribution in the nascent augmented reality market? Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says yes. Read More »

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Apple has long been reported to be serious about getting into the TV business. This goes beyond the company’s Apple TV streaming box and will eventually lead to a full blown TV set from Cupertino. While that oft reported product is still firmly in the rumor bin, Apple has increased its TV aspirations today with its own TV streaming service.

Featuring an interface that looks a lot like iOS, Apple’s TV streaming service will be launched in the summer says the Wall Street Journal, usually a solid source. At first the service will be limited to just 25 channel, but there will be some industry heavyweights on board from the start, including ABC, CBS, ESPN, and FOX. NBC will be absent as Comcast and Apple have yet to reach an agreement.

The cable TV box will probably be unveiled during Apple’s WWDC developer conference and will begin broadcasting during September. That is when Apple unveils new iPhones, so expect the service to be running on the iPhone 7 and any of its stablemates. All modern iOS devices will run the service, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, and of course Apple TV.
Apparently the price of streaming your favourite cable channels will be $30 per month (though it could be as much as $40), which is considerably lower than the average cable bill of just under $100. However, Apple will have to pad out its channel line up to be seen as a true competitor to cable providers.

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Expectations for the Apple Watch have gone from modest to hugely optimistic, but one consensus seems to hold true, the device will sell well. In fact, no matter which research company you source, they all think the Apple Watch will become a defining wearable and the most successful so far too. Strategy Analytics has now added its own predictions and says that the Apple Watch will shift 15 million units through 2015.

“Apple will quickly become the world’s number one smartwatch vendor with 55% global market share this year.”

Considering some analysts are predicting sales of 30 million or more, Strategy Analytics is taking the conservative route, but even so 15 million would still be a huge number considering the overall wearable market. Indeed, most forecasters think the consumer base is so enamoured with Apple that it will flock to the Apple Watch even though it is hardly the best looking smartwatch on the market.

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It is a tech myth that Google Maps is the only robust maps software out there, but yet many general users believe that myth. Of course, Mountain View’s service is probably the most complete service and dominates the market, but Nokia’s HERE Maps suite has been providing a compelling alternative for some time. Read More »

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It is a tech myth that Google Maps is the only robust maps software out there, but yet many general users believe that myth. Of course, Mountain View’s service is probably the most complete service and dominates the market, but Nokia’s HERE Maps suite has been providing a compelling alternative for some time.

HERE Maps has been well received on Android after earlier being a hit on Windows Phone, while Nokia has long said that it was working on an iOS version for Apple’s products. The Finnish company has made good on that promise by revealing that the iOS version of HERE Maps is will be landing on Apple devices this week.. The app comes with numerous features, such as offline navigation, voice navigation for transport and people, lane switching, traffic guidance, and public transport schedules. All of the features are also available offline thanks to GPS; that includes all the voice navigation and voice options.

More than 200 country maps are available, as well as whole continent maps, and you can download them to store on your device. The app is now available for iOS, but there has been a delay in the software, so it will not be available for the App Store for another one or two days.

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The iPhone has been popular from day one, we all know that, and we all know that it is the most popular smartphone on the market, the launch of the iPhone 6 proved that. However, since the launch of the first iPhone way back when the smartphone idea was in its infancy, how well as the device performed? Well, we have some news of solid figures straight from Apple.

Sure, Cupertino is not usually quick to discuss figures about sales, preferring to generalize instead. That was not the case this week during the company’s event that the iPhone has sold over 700 million units, a whopping number in just seven years. This number in fact easily makes the iPhone the most successful smartphone range of all time, easily surpassing the numbers achieved by Samsung’s Galaxy S range, which is admittedly younger.

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