Apple Q3 2014 earnings
Some people think Apple has stopped innovating in recent times, while others point to things like 64-bit processing and fingerprint technology as proof that Cupertino is still a trailblazer. However, huge sweeping changes have not been forthcoming, but could Apple be exploring making a defining contribution in the nascent augmented reality market? Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says yes.

This is just a fledgling idea at Apple at the moment with a “small team working and exploring the augmented reality space.” Munster says that augmented reality could be “as profound a technology platform as the smartphone today,” and he think Apple is best positioned to make the most from the market. Munster says that because Apple is the only company with enough market coverage and consumer goodwill to guarantee big sales.

Google led the way with augmented reality with Google Glass, but the company said yesterday that the product was less than perfect. Google Glass has been removed from sale while the company works on a second version, but Munster says Apple would have no such problems and would be almost guaranteed a hit.

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