Apple enjoys profit making quarters constantly, the company is a success every period, but the last two have been especially amazing with the company smashing records during Q4 to end last year and then broke its own best for a first quarter. It comes as little surprise then that analysts are saying Cupertino will continue its record breaking run by having a bumper second quarter.

Of course, Apple always bests those pesky analysts, so we expect the company to do even better than what Wall Street predicts. The US financial center says in general says that around 45 million iPhones will be sold during the period, although UBS Evidence Labs says the figure will actually be more like 51.1 million units.

That would be a record third quarter for Apple, and USB Evidence Labs has a solid track record in getting iPhone sales figures right. The company says increased exposure in China, where Apple is now the number 1 phone manufacturer, is likely to lead to this sales boost.

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