Apple VP for Retail Real Estate and Development Bob Bridger speaks about the new Hong Kong Apple Store.

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2 Responses to “Apple Store Hong Kong – Apple VP Bob Bridger (Hong Kong IFC Apple Store Grand Opening)”
  1. The apple store in honk kong is fantastic apple is growing every day hope they open one store like that in london.

  2. Kwok Wai man says:

    Dear Mr. Cook,

    I am a little white-collar who is living in Hong Kong. Apple has released iPhone 4S in Hong Kong since Nov 11, 2011. But I think the marketing strategy in Hong Kong is super worst. In many countries among the world, Apple has decided 9:00pm of local time to let apple fans to reserve a iPhone 4S either through Apple Reserve website or Apple Store Apps; however, Hong Kong is the only place being chosen to open the reserve system randomly (21:45, 21:55, 21:18, 16:54, 17:55, 04:05, 23:55, 19:56 more and more). For being a regular white-collar in Hong Kong, I don’t see i have any chance to upgrade my iphone 4 to iphone 4S. Would that be the core theme of Apple?

    Furthermore, Apple HK allows Citizens of People of Republic China to reserve iPhone 4S through Apple HK. This is super unfair to Hong Kong citizens. Also, citizens of Republic of China has developed some plug-in which let them refresh 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Apple is also upgrading the iOS to prevent any jailbreak, but Apple HK allows plug in to chat, would that be any conflicts to the core theme of Apple?

    I hope Mr. Cook pay some more attentions to this unfairness happening in Apple HK.

    Kind Regards,
    Kwok Wai man

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