The end of 2013 was very kind to Apple, according to a new report from NPD Group. In addition to having a record period of sales during the holiday season, Apple increased its market share from 35 percent to 42 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013. During the same period, Apple’s chief rival Samsung managed to increase its presence from 22 to 26 percent. These numbers focus only on consumers in the United States.

NPD Group reports that Apple’s iPhone 5s, and to a lesser extent the 5c, helped push Apple far ahead of the competition from Samsung. Despite Samsung’s Galaxy S4 being on the market longer, Apple was still the leading smartphone company by the end of the year. Apple also widely outsold other Android vendors like HTC, LG, and Motorola, as well as the under-performing BlackBerry and Nokia.

NPD surveyed more than 4,500 people about the smartphone ownership usage and habits to reach its conclusion. The survey polled only buyers in the United States and focused on smartphone ownership as of September to November 2013. As a result, it doesn’t reflect ownership of phones given as Christmas gifts.


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