Apple Q3 2014 earnings
When you look at smartphone sales charts you will see Samsung leading Apple at the top of the market by a significant margin, while the result is even more emphatic if you compare Android sales to those of iOS. However, in terms of making cold hard cash (which of course is the reason why all companies are in the industry) Apple is simply unstoppable.

Research from Canaccord Genuity revealed that Apple brought in 94% of all profit generated in the mobile industry through the third quarter of 2015. While this could be described as one piece of research, it is representative of market research as a whole that has shown Apple to be raking in around 90% of mobile profits all year.

It is a truly staggering number and up from 85% last year, which shows Apple has been dominating the market for a long time and is actually increasing margins. It is mind boggling when one considering that the company is responsible for around 15% of mobile sales on a global level but makes virtually all of the money.

This is precisely the reason why we say Android’s market dominance is of little concern to Apple as long as the company’s sales impress. They do impress and often grow, so in this market Apple has carved a unique space for itself and in terms of making money the company is cleaning up.

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