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Apple is continuing to make significant strides in the enterprise market and through the third quarter of this year (June 1 to September 30) the company was responsible for 66% of all enterprise devices activated. The company’s iOS platform, which includes iPhones and iPads, led the way in the market and rose 2% compared to the 64% enterprise activations in the second quarters.

Interestingly Apple made the most headway in the tablet market, with the company’s iPad accounting for 71% of all enterprise slates activated in Q3. That is stark contrast to the consumer side of the iPad business, which has been in decline for over a year, mirroring a general market trend for all tablets. Apple CEO Tim Cook has long argued that the iPad would recover based on enterprise and it does seem the future of the tablet lies more aligned with business.

Certainly Apple putting out the iPad Pro this month further suggests that, while last year’s link with IBM will have wider implications in the enterprise sector the more the two companies work together. Compared to Android Apple is leading the way, Google’s platform was responsible for 31% of devices activated in the third quarter, while its tablet activations slipped to 21% from 25% in the second quarter.

Apple fans waiting to gloat that the company may be raising the stakes on enterprise giants BlackBerry and Microsoft should think again. Those two companies hold vast positions in other areas away from hardware, with both companies thriving in terms of software coverage and in BlackBerry’s case security.

Source: MobileBurn

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