Apple and Samsung agree settlement
The idea of Apple catching up with Samsung in terms of how many smartphone it sells seemed almost impossible less than a year ago. Samsung was completely in control of the market and Apple was just happy in its own place in the market selling big numbers and making huge amounts of money. However, in the last quarter Apple managed to reel in its great rival and both companies sold 74.5 million units.

The October to December quarter saw Samsung’s decline continue while Apple sold record amounts of the iPhone. Samsung fell from 86 million devices from 2013 while Apple increased from 51 million in 2013. An amazing turn of events saw Apple meet Samsung head on, and sure it is probably not going to last in future corners, but this is a severe bloodying of the nose for Samsung. Interestingly, I like to remind that Apple only has five smartphones on the market, while Samsung has nearly 40… it’s amazing to think that many really thought Samsung would end up ending Apple’s dominance over the industry.

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