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One of the most helpful tweaks I have seen in quite sometime is called Sticky. Be sure to check it out in ModMyi Repo for $0.99. It's very useful when you need to remind yourself of something or make a list for the store. One of the best features about Sticky is it stays on your lockscreen and you don't have to unlock the device to read it. That's what makes it so cool to me.  So many times I have made a list for the store on my iPhone and when I get to the store I had to always unlock the device to see it. It also continues to close after certain length of time and requires unlocking and opening notes app again. Watch the video walkthrough below.

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Got a jailbroken iPhone? Why not take advantage of that extra freedom with some great Cydia tweaks. Each week we share the top tweaks released during the week. Take a moment to share our video with all your social media friends.  This weeks tweaks include some of the most anticipated tweaks of the year.  We truly believe you will enjoy the content in the video.  Please subscribe to our channel for more content like this weekly.

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HUDFade is a little tweak developed by HASHBANG productions , the same genius who created the MapsOpener tweak few weeks ago. HUDFade adds a fade like animation when adjusting your device volume. Instead of popping up immediately, the HUD will fade in and out while adjusting the volume.

Additionally HUDFade is compatible with BrightVol, a tweak by the same developer which allows you to adjust the brightness level with the volume buttons. Using both of these tweaks together forms a great combination. Checkout the video below:

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Bulletin is a small Cydia tweak available on the BigBoss repository for 99 cents. What does it do? It allows you to access your notification center directly from your lockscreen whereas before you would have the need to unlock your iPhone first. This is a brilliant tweak and will save you a lot of time, so please support the developer in their applications!

Name: Bulletin | Available From: Cydia | Price: $0.99

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