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Cydia Tweaks RoundUp

Each week we try to share the top Free Cydia Tweaks released the past week. This week has been very fruitful bringing several nice free tweaks. Please understand these aren't our top picks from all tweaks just what has been released during the week before. Some of the comments have suggested we are calling these our top free tweaks for 2014 and that's not the case. This is just for the best of the most recent tweaks available for iOS. Read More »

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What's On My iPhone? This seems to be a regular question I get almost everyday.  Well there's no way one iPhone would run with 50 cydia tweaks but I do use these on a regular basis.  These are my Top 50 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7.  I believe you will agree after watching the video below. These are the Top 50 Cydia Tweaks April 2014. Please take a moment to share this video.  It took me several days to put this together and research which Tweaks I should include.  It would also be great if you would comment on the video and Subscribe to my channel.  Let me know what you think. Did I forget to include a tweak? Read More »

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So many tweaks are released by members of the iPhone jailbreak community that it can be tough to track. This makes it impossible to try everyone that's released. Fortunately, we have you covered in this area. We spend most of our waking hours trying new tweaks and writing about the best ones, and here's a new video of the Top 20 Free Cydia tweaks released this year. Read More »

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We have combed through many tweaks released and updated over the past week to bring you the Top Five Cydia Tweaks to install today. Developers are making great strides catching up after the announced Evasi0n7 Jailbreak, so take a look at some of the latest ways to customize your iPhone with more powerful tweaks. Read More »

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Apple iPhone owners who want to improve some settings in ways that Apple haven't thought to implement often turn to Cydia. We enjoy bringing the Top Cydia Tweaks and Applications each week, and this week we have recapped the best five tweaks into one video.   Read More »

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We hope you enjoy this weeks Top Cydia Tweaks. Each week we combine what we believe to be the top few Cydia Tweaks released over the past week. Be sure to check back her each week for our roundup. We also share the best tweaks as they are released daily too. Please rate this video a thumbs up and subscribe after watching. We appreciate and recognize all our readers who share our content socially.

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