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Tim Cook talked a good game during his sit down chat with Charlie Rose for PBS when he discussed the recent iCloud problems and Apple’s stance on the privacy problems that have swept the tech world (and government) over the last couple of years. Read More »

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The number of thefts of Apple iPhones has fallen recently, and there's only one explanation for the drop in crime, according to law enforcement - Apple instituted Activation Lock to make it tougher to use a stolen iPhone. The New York Times has a story in which officers in New York, San Francisco, and London state that they believe the new security measure is the reason. Read More »

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In a shocking turn of Earth-shattering events that will shock everyone, the next round of iOS devices will include Touch ID. If you can't tell, I'm joking about the "Earth-shattering" part because everyone all but knew that the next iPhone would have the fingerprint scanning feature. Now report states it's highly likely that the next iPad will as well. Read More »

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We recently covered a special iPhone case that supports mobile payments through an NFC system, but Apple may have a different way of letting customers pay for things through their phone. CEO Tim Cook told investors that mobile payments are an "intriguing" opportunity for Apple in light of its credit card database and authentication capabilities, which may make perfect sense for a system to pay for items with a phone. Read More »

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Don't bother stopping at the front desk the next time you go to check-in to a hotel; just go up to your room and unlock the door using Bluetooth on your iPhone. A US hotel company is testing that very scenario in the hopes that it can use iPhones and other smartphones as a room key. The system works like this:

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Starbucks has admitted that it stores user names and passwords in plain text for its iPhone app, and says that it has no plans to change that. A security researcher discovered that the Starbucks app keeps usernames, emails, and passwords without any encryption or protection to secure user data, which allows anyone with access to the phone to discover login information. When asked why, Starbucks merely says "We're aware" and assures people asking question that it has extra security. Is that enough? Read More »

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Apple iOS 7 introduced a new feature named Activation Lock that makes it less likely that a thief will be able to use an iPhone that is reported stolen. Activation Lock prevents thieves from disabling the tracking features or wiping the phone and using it unless they correctly enter the owner’s Apple ID. It’s a great way to prevent someone from using your stolen device, but it’s only activated if the owner chooses to turn it on. Some lawmakers want Apple to make Activation Lock a default feature.

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LockYourApp Cydia Tweak offers much needed security for iPhone users looking to keep certain information locked away but still provide fast access to other areas of the phone. Users can put a password on individual apps rather than using a lockscreen password. It also uses a drawn password instead of typing in numbers, which is an advantage in my opinion. Check out the demonstration video below. Read More »

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