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Before the infamous incident of an iPhone 4 being left in a bar, Apple had one of the tightest security measures for maintaining secrets. Since then, leaks of upcoming Apple products have been routine, and the company has finally had enough. Apple has reportedly sought help from Chinese authorities to crack down on people who leak its products, according to Sonny Dickson, an Australian who has leaked a few Apple components. Dickson says that Apple is trying to prevent any further leaks about the upcoming iPhone 6, and it's even taken the step of hiring 200 private security guards to track down and block any further revelations about its flagship smartphone.

While the iPhone 4 appeared prematurely because of the irresponsibility of one employee at its Cupertino headquarters, almost all Apple leaks these days come from the supply chain in China. Apple outsources its manufacturing to several companies, which means maintaining tight control is incredibly difficult. Factory workers can be bribed to sell information to case makers or counterfeiters, and others just like to leak information to the press and blogosphere. It's tough to keep a tight lid on things when the Touch ID sensor is made one place, the display is manufactured in another, the processor is handled by another group, and it all gets assembled later. There are plenty of potential leak sources along the way, and Apple, like most companies, can't seem to plug them all.


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We all get excited when it gets close to the release of new iOS device.  The rumor mill has definitely been churning this past week. We have some photos from Android Authority host Lou and more photos from across the ocean from that show what may be the next new iOS phone. Read More »

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Google's search app on Android can identify whatever song you hear on the radio or in stores, and Microsoft's Cortana has added that same feature in the Windows Phone 8.1 preview. Apple is set to gain its own music ID system by integrating Shazam with Siri in the next version of iOS. Read More »

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It's widely expected that Apple will introduce a larger model iPhone next year. The iPhone 5 increased the screen size to 4 inches, and the iPhone 6 is believed to raise that a few fractions higher. The latest rumor is that in addition to a bigger iPhone, we'll also get a bigger iPad in 2014. Read More »

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The next iPhone is expected to introduce radical changes to the design of the next Apple smartphone, and one of the biggest of those changes will be to increase the size of the supposed iPhone 6. Now we have a closer idea of how much bigger it will get. Read More »

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