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World of Cheese HD offers players hours of puzzle solving fun for Free. The game has puzzles based on a huge mouse named Mr. Mousey; original, hay?  Players must help Mr. Mousey find cheese throughout the house, so puzzles must be solved in order to get to the reward. Some of the puzzles require a great deal of thinking in order to complete, so there are both simple and challenging options. Think before tapping the screen because the fewer times you tap the screen, the better you will do.

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Zooper is a new match 3 game from Mango Factory that’s been wooing mobile gamers since its recent launch. Perhaps no other casual gaming genre has made the switch to touch-screen mobile gaming as seamlessly as match 3 games. This classic game theme has survived every type of platform and console evolution, and now, match 3 games still thrive in the iTunes App Store. So it’s little wonder that developers continue to come up with new match-3 titles, but how many more twists on this old theme could there be?

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