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We've all seen videos shot by someone holding a smartphone in portrait mode, leading to a small section of action in the middle and large portions of nothing happening on the sides. A new app for the iPhone called Horizon fixes that problem by filming in the wide angle no matter how someone holds the phone. If the device is held in portrait, Horizon focuses in on an area that would be seen had the phone been in landscape, the way you're supposed to record video. In the event that someone actually realizes the mistake and switches to landscape, Horizon steadies the transition and keeps the video looking good. Check out this demo video below. Read More »

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The iPhoneographer scene, and smartphone photography as a whole, has increased quite a bit in recent years, so a number of apps and accessories have sprung up to take cater to that audience. One such product is Olloclip, a camera accessory that attaches different lenses to take better photos with an iPhone. It's also now a way to take better photos with an iPad. Read More »

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Reactr is a Free iPhone application developed by eyepiece Inc. It’s sure to put a smile on your face and bring joy if you want to see how others respond when they first see your photos. Since I learned of Reactr, my daughter and I have sent photos almost every day.  She is a teenager and simply loves using this application, and there's a good chance many more people will, too. Read More »

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Google has worked in recent years to make its iPhone apps perform as well as its Android options, but Google+ is one area that lacked that feature parity. Today, Google confirmed plans to bring the best photo features from Android, including auto-backups at full resolution, to iOS. Read More »

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